Your Sunday Morning Hangover Cure Routine

Do you need a hangover cure that actually works? YES

Does coffee cure hangovers? No

does weed cure hangovers? No.

does Pedialyte cure hangovers? maybe

does pickle juice cure hangovers.? Slim chance

is there a Hangover cure drink recipe? Yes, it's called REZ

and don’t even bother with the gross wet socks’ hangover cure.

Stop asking Google all these questions because the solution is following these steps and drinking REZ.

1. Drink water- The second you wake up drink a whole glass of water. This always seems to make me feel a little better and instantly relieves that dry or cotton mouth you might have when waking up and feeling like you got hit by a train.

2. Take a shower. Feeling refreshed, and clean makes you feel like you have a little bit of a clean slate. You start the day better than you finished the previous day. Try starting off the shower hot and then change the water to cold. Taking a cold shower, especially after a hot one will increase your circulation and raise your heart rate. This will also help your body get rid of the toxins from the alcohol.

3. Eat a good breakfast. You might want some greasy food like McDonald's breakfast, the diner down the road, or may have no appetite at all but try to resist and eat something healthy. low blood sugar levels are not necessarily the cause of a hangover, they’re often associated with it and can contribute to some hangover symptoms, such as nausea, fatigue, and weakness.

4. Drink a REZ. You already had a glass of water but that is certainly not enough you need to continue to stay hydrated. REZ has lots of added vitamins, and minerals to help replenish what you lost and make you feel better. Electrolytes are also important for a hangover cure and REZ has more electrolytes than any other drink on the market. Alcohol has a diuretic effect meaning it increases the production of urine, leading to a loss of fluids and electrolytes. dehydration causes hangover symptoms, such as increased thirst, fatigue, headache, and dizziness. REZ may alleviate some of those symptoms.

5. Get some sleep. Alcohol can cause sleep disturbances and may be associated with decreased sleep quality and duration for some individuals. Plus, you might not have gone to sleep until 4 am so take an after breakfast, before lunch nap. Waking up after a nap might feel like a new day where you aren’t hungover, and you didn’t drink a whole bottle of tequila the day before.

6. Drink another REZ. If you wake up from your nap and still don’t feel better, drink another REZ.

With REZ, the best hangover cure drink, and these 6 steps you should be feeling better and recovered from your hangover. You can order REZ to your house on Thursday and have it shipped to your house for Saturday to prepare for that inevitable hangover. Order on Amazon.

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