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Yoga Equipment a Yoga Beginner May Need

Updated: Dec 13, 2021

When you first start doing yoga, in a class, an online class, or at-home yoga, it is hard to understand what you actually ought to buy. The yoga industry continues to develop new clothing and equipment that you may feel like you need to spend a ridiculous amount of money before ever making it to your first yoga class.

The good news is, there is not much you need to begin. That being said, if you're starting yoga at home and need to know what you may need before going to a class this could help you.


It should go without saying that people at yoga studios have the cutest matching outfit sets. The style of the outfit not important but the functionality is important. You do not need a set in every color and print, you do not need a designer brand. Start with finding a comfortable, breathable athletic outfit you already may have available. When searching for more apparel, go with mid-level basics. Here is a great example of a reliable yoga outfit.

Pants or Shorts: you cannot fail with a couple of pairs of solid-color yoga pants in black, dark grey, navy, or brown. You'll mix-and-match these tights with a good amount of tops, and if you buy high-quality options, they will last an extended time.

If tight pants aren't your thing, search for jogger-style pants or the favored harem-style pants that have elastic around the ankles. These pants are stretchy and offer extra room, but thanks to the ankle elastic, they'll stay in place throughout the yoga session. Shorts are commonly liked by men, and women, especially if you consider trying hot yoga.

Tops: it is vital to wear shirts that are form-fitting so your top doesn't fly over your head during forwarding bending positions. Wicking material is useful, especially if you sweat a lot or if you go to a hot yoga class. If you are not doing hot yoga you may prefer to have a little jacket or hoodie with you as the rooms are cool.

Sports Bras: If you are a woman, you wear a sports bra. While yoga tends to be a fairly low-impact activity, a quality sports bra can help keep your “girls” and be helpful in class.

Hair Ties or Headbands: If you've got long hair, you need a quality hair tie to secure your hair before your yoga session.

Yoga Socks: You are just starting. It is encouraged that you are barefoot while in a yoga studio. If this is not something you are comfortable with at first you can get a pair of yoga socks with grips on the bottom so you'll keep your feet covered while maintaining good traction. Standard socks won't do, as you'll find yourself slipping and sliding everywhere on your mat.

These days, you can find yoga clothes just about anywhere and a lot of options online. Do not feel like you need to invest in any clothes starting off because there is probably a lot in your closet that will work just fine.

A Great Recovery Beverage- REZ

while just starting out, the yoga poses will be basic but recovery is still important. Having a drink with a lot of electrolytes, vitamins and minerals will help keep you healthy and replenish you after a hard class. REZ is sugar-free, plant-based, and all-natural. REZ also has glucosamine and turmeric which are great for joint recovery, an anti-inflammatory, an antioxidant, may prevent some cancers, brain-boosting, immune-supporting prevents arthritis, and reduces the pain that may come from arthritis. You can buy REZ here.

Yoga Mat

Yoga mats, also called a sticky mat helps define your personal space, and, more importantly, it creates traction so you don’t slip when you get sweaty. The mat also provides a touch of cushioning on a tough floor.

Most gyms provide mats and studios have them for rent. The disadvantage to those mats is that many people use them and you cannot make certain how often they're being cleaned, so consider buying your own. Some mats go for 120 dollars but you can find them for as little as $5 at Five Below, Walmart, or Amazon. If you are considering taking yoga seriously, opt for a higher-quality mat.

Decide which mat features are important to you—for instance, length, material, durability, thickness, comfort, how easy it is to clean your yoga mat or traction, then buy a mat with good reviews to find the best yoga mat for you.

Good luck with your yoga journey.

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