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What you can eat on the Keto Diet

Updated: Dec 13, 2021

Are you on the keto diet or looking to start? Keto can be hard to stay on track with your diet but there is still a lot of foods you can eat that you still enjoy.

The Keto diet “Ketogenic diet” is the most effective way to enter ketosis. Our bodies first burn carbohydrates for energy. When we do not have enough carbohydrates it burns fat for “ketones” which can be used as fuel for our bodies.

A keto diet is an effective way to burn fat but everyone's bodies are different and you should consult your doctor before trying any type of new diet as there may be side effects to consider.

This involves limiting carbohydrate consumption to 20-50 grams a day, limiting sugars, and filling up on fats. Yes, surprisingly adding fats to your diet will help you in ketosis. It is also important to focus on your protein consumption.

As keto has recently become a trendy diet within the last several years' companies and brands are developing new products for the keto crowd. Brands are even adding “Keto” to their packaging to make it easier to find products that are keto-friendly.

Keto snacks!

If you need good keto snack ideas look no further. Some of the best keto snacks can be found in various keto snack box subscription services like Ketokrate that can send you new keto snacks each month so you can try them out and find your favorite keto-friendly snacks. You can also order a 1-time keto snack box on amazon.

If you have a sweet tooth like most of us do there are still sweet options too. There are keto sweet snacks or keto cookies like the Quest cookies, or Highkey cookies. If you are looking for a little keto dessert there are ChocZero chocolate bars or even keto ice cream.

keto diet snacks are no longer hard to come across. There are a lot of keto chip options for those people who are always tempted to sit down and eat a full bag of chips. There are more and more new products becoming available on the shelves and online. There are also many snacks we can make at home, too.

Keto drinks!

The best drink is definitely water and it will always be water but we understand it gets boring. Luckily there are plenty of drinks that are still good for a keto diet.

A great drink would be a REZ. REZ is a natural, plant-based drink with only 10 calories, 1 carb, and 0 sugars but still tastes great. REZ is the Best keto drink and also has glucosamine and turmeric and is a great Keto electrolyte drink.

There is a long list of supplements for a keto drink mix. Just 1 example would be Keto Plus or keto energy.

Other keto-friendly drinks would include sparkling waters, seltzers or club sodas, hard liquors, unsweetened wines, coffee, and tea.

Keto Meals!

Keto meals can be hard to make or prepare. Deciding what to make can be a challenge when a lot of recipes include bread, rice, potatoes, pasta, and beans. But there are many recipes that are available to make at home, and meal kits to order.

There are a growing amount of at-home cooking subscription boxes that send you everything you need to make a delicious keto dinner, some of which are already made. There are also Keto boxes, too. Try The Keto Box, Green Chef, Territory foods, Factor 75, and more.

keto breakfast!

What is the first thing we consume in the morning? For most of us, it's coffee. Coffee fortunately enough is keto as long as it is plain and not served with added sweeteners. It is probably okay to add a little milk too.

There are a lot of easy Keto breakfast recipes and ideas. A good breakfast could include Keto Granola as part of a parfait, keto cereal, keto pancakes, an omelet, or a veggie-packed frittata.

A keto diet is an effective way to burn fat but everyone's bodies are different and you should consult your doctor before trying any type of new diet as there may be side effects to consider.

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