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Vitamins Your Body Needs as You Age

Updated: Dec 13, 2021

As you age you can start to lose more of the vitamins and minerals your body needs, and your body requires more to keep you healthy. Here is a list of important vitamins and minerals you should consider adding more of to your diet.

1. Calcium

With age you no longer absorb as much calcium as you used to. That can make your bones more brittle and easier to crack. This is called osteoporosis and it is more common as you get older. Calcium assists in keeping your muscles, nerves cells and blood vessels working right. Women over 50 and men over 70 should get about 20% more calcium in their diets than they have been getting in their 30s and 40s. It is especially important for women after menopause. Milk, yogurt, Cheese, and supplements are good sources.

2. Vitamin b 12

You get Vitamin B12 naturally when eating meat, fish, eggs, and dairy, and fortified foods. Most American eat enough B12 vitamins but things change as you age, and your body may require a lot more to stay healthy. According to WebMD “Up to 30% of people over 50 have atrophic gastritis, which makes it harder for your body to absorb it from foods.”

With low B12 levels you may experience weakness, tiredness, pale skin, heart palpitations, nerve problems loss of vision and more.

3. Vitamin D

We all think vitamin D comes from the sun, although that is true when we age our bodies are no longer able to convert the suns rays to vitamins easily and how often are we outside, anyway? you can also get vitamin D from your diet. Vitamin D works well with calcium in preventing osteoporosis. It also helps in making sure your muscles, nerves, and immune system are properly working.

With low vitamin D levels, you may have fatigue, bone pain, joint pain, muscle pain, and bad mood, anxiety and more.

4. Vitamin B6

Your body also need Vitamin B6 to fight off germs and make energy. As you get older your body needs more B6 vitamins. Studies show a correlation between higher b5 blood levels and seniors with better memory. With low levels of b6 you can have skin rashes, cracked skin, mood changes, and weekended immune system, tiredness and many more symptoms.

5. Magnesium

Magnesium is an important nutrient that helps your body make protein and bone regulates muscle and nerve function. It has benefits against type 2 diabetes, anti-inflammatory benefits, reduces insulin resistance, can lower blood pressure, can fight depression and so much more. With all the great benefits of magnesium, older people tend to eat less of it and are more likely to have longer term health conditions which result to taking many medications and a diet that is low in magnesium.

6. Zinc

Zinc is another nutrient that American Citizens do not get enough of. It helps your sense of smell and taste, reduces inflammation, fights against infections, and protects your vision, all things that an older person needs. Low zinc levels can result a loss of appetite la loss of immune function, hair loss, diarrhea, eye and skin sores, loss of appetite and more.

7. Glucosamine

Glucosamine is a very useful supplement that many elderly people turn to in order to treat the symptoms of arthritis, heals cartilage in your body and cushions the joints between your bones. It also prevents osteoporosis.

8. Turmeric

Turmeric is a great and useful supplement for elders also as it is great for reducing inflammation defend against virus’s, it is a strong antioxidant, it reduces the risk of brain diseases and heart diseases, can be useful in preventing and can fight age-related chronic diseases, treating Alzheimer’s disease, and has benefits against depression.

The easiest way to get all these in your diet is by drinking a REZ with your next meal. REZ is an all-natural, plant-based, immune-boosting, sugar free, diabetic-friendly, keto beverage with 100 mg of Turmeric, 100 mg of Glucosamine, 8mg of Zinc (70%), 200 mg of magnesium (50%) 2mg of B6 (120%), 8mcg of Vitamin D (40%), 6mcg of B12 (250%), and 2mg of Calcium.

Getting a significant amount of these supplements in your diet is important as you age. REZ is a healthy, all natural, drink that can help with the daily nutrition requirements needed for someone aging. You can order REZ here.

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