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The Functional Beverage industry is growing

Updated: Dec 13, 2021

Have you heard the term “Functional Beverage?”

The functional beverage industry is BOOMING. It is growing and it is growing fast. You may have heard the term before but not many understand the meaning.

A functional beverage, according to the dictionary is “A non-alcoholic drink that contains non-traditional ingredients, including herbs, vitamins, minerals, amino acids or added raw fruit or vegetable ingredients, which is claimed to provide specific health benefits beyond those of general nutrition—e.g., boosting or enhancing the immune system or heart, improving joint mobility, increasing sense of well-being, increasing energy and satiety.”

With the rapid increase in diseases, obesity, and even covid-19 cases Americans are being affected and more Americans understand how important health and nutrition is in their diets. It is no secret that Americans have some of the worst diets on the planet and a lot of the food we put in our bodies is contributing to health issues and diabetes.

In today's time, with the worry of covid-19, a lot of Americans are realizing how important-immune is. There are a lot of drinks on the market that now offer immune support.

Beverage Daily says in a study they found that 58% of consumers state that they would be interested in products that promote heart health, cognitive health, and immune support. They look for food and beverage functions.

REZ is an all-natural, plant-based, immune-supporting drink competing in the functional beverage market. Although not an energy drink, REZ has lots of B12 and other vitamins that provide you with a boost of energy. REZ is also great for anyone on a plant-based diet, a low-carb diet, the Keto diet, paleo diet, beach body diet, Weight watchers diet (WW), or a diabetic diet.

REZ has an insane amount of electrolytes plus 100 mg of glucosamine and 100mg of turmeric which are great for joint health and anti-inflammatory and all are for athletes. It also tastes great!

Like most businesses, REZ took a toll when Covid-19 hit and changed the world. The REZ team soon realized how great the ingredients in their product were at boosting your immune system. As a small company, REZ was able to adapt and the next production day they had labels that read Immune-support in bold across the front.

With that minor adjustment, the brand did well as a functional drink proving people of all ages with a great drink for a healthy lifestyle. With the demand for a functional beverage, REZ was able to provide that and get it out to over 2500 stores across the country including Publix, BigY, Quickstop, Shoprite, Stew Leonards, and many other supermarkets and convenience stores locations.

On a grand scale, the functional beverage market size is small, but companies are adapting to the increased demand and to have products that will aid in the health of their consumers.

Are you going to change your diet and hop on board the functional food and drinks trend?

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