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REZ Available at Twice Daily Stores

New Jersey based Recovery Brands, the manufacturers of REZ, announced in February of 2020 that REZ will be available in participating Twice Daily stores. REZ has offered Twice Daily shoppers a great-tasting immune-boosting, keto drink for the last 3 years. Through their distribution relationship with Kimbro, REZ is now available in approximately 85 Twice Daily stores in Tennessee, Kentucky and Alabama.

REZ is a natural, plant-based beverage that offers an immune Boost, not just with vitamins C, D, and Zinc, but with its array of supporting ingredients; it also tastes great and is diabetic friendly with zero sugar and only 1 carb.

The brand has been experiencing tremendous growth over the last year as consumers are looking for functional beverages that offer an immune boost, along with great taste. Larry Edinger, the brand’s CEO, changed the brand’s focus toward immune support in the first quarter of this year, 2021. They’ve made a few label changes, and the brand has grown over 500% this year alone since. REZ continues to grow and change the lives of their customers.

"I never leave testimonials lol, but with this I just have to! I also have never tasted a low calorie drink that tastes so good! The bonus was how much better I felt after I drank it (more energy, better mood and more clarity) and my hot flashes have gotten so much better!!! It is crazy! I have tried everything for hot flashes and they keep getting worse and since drinking 2 every day, (one in the morning and one in the evening) my hot flashes have gotten so much better!!"

- Josephine S, PA

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