How-to support a small business

Updated: Dec 13, 2021

First off, thank you for supporting small businesses. We all know how much a little bit of support can affect a small business. Whether it is a crafter on etsy.com, someone's personal website offering their products or services, or your local pizza shop that may have had a lot fewer orders during the pandemic, there is a lot you can do to help support them.

These big corporations mass-producing products overseas, and underpaying their employees may offer lower prices that may be appealing however, it makes it challenging to the small businesses and their small business owners working hard to get by or grow.

1. Buy something

This may be the most obvious answer but actually buying a product or service from these businesses will support them.

2. Word of mouth

if you buy a shirt from a small local boutique, tell your friends about it, take and send pictures, spread the word. some people may not know about it and just introducing a new person to a brand can help the business. you may know some influential people who can really help the business with their support.

3. Leave a good review

Whether it is on a google review, yelp review, or amazon product review, leaving 5 stars and a genuine positive review can help boost the business's credibility, chances of gaining new customers, and the overall happiness of the business owner and employees. A good review goes a long way.

4. Social media

find the brand or business on social media and like the Facebook page, like all the photos, follow the page/account, comment and engage with the posts, subscribe to the channel or e-news, and share their content with your network. The more eyes on their content the better. Post a picture with the product or service and tag them.

5. Send a message

Send your favorite small business an email, direct message, or a letter and let them know that you enjoy their product or service, you have shared it with your network, and anything else you would like to include. A nice message can go a long way in supporting a small business and keeping them motivated to continue the hard work they do. They will appreciate your message

6. Tip generously

If you can afford to eat out you can afford to give the server a nice tip. restaurant staff works very hard for tips and it has not been easy during the pandemic for restaurant staff. Supporting the business also means supporting its employee because with ought them they could not stay open.

Small businesses have amazing customer service. you will not be on hold with a robot for hours waiting to talk to an agent, it is more

personal and hands-on. Small businesses do a lot of give-aways to help grow brand awareness and you could get some cool stuff. Small businesses appreciate their customers more than large companies with millions of employees.

Small businesses work really hard, to keep the business running. When you support a small business you are supporting someone's dream. Oftentimes these business owners have dreamt about their business being a success and they will be excited to have received your order.

Next time you go to buy a brand-name item

, think about if there is a small business you can support instead. For example, if you are buying bracelets at Walmart, or target, is there an etsy seller who can do it too? If you’re buying dominos's pizza think about if there is a local pizza shop that can deliver too. If you are in stores and buying a Gatorade or Powerade, think is there another option like a REZ? Instead of going to Lowes or Home Depot for supplies think if there is a local hardware store or garden store?

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