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How to Create the Perfect At-Home Bar in a College Apartment

Updated: Dec 13, 2021

Picture this. It’s Friday afternoon and you’ve just finished a most likely exhausting week of schoolwork, club meetings, sporting events, and classes. You want to go out with your friends after a few drinks at your apartment but you don’t have anything to drink at your apartment and not enough time to get ready. How nice would it be if you had a mini-bar in your apartment so you can make your favorite cocktails from your own kitchen?

Don’t know where to start? Here are some mini-bar essentials you NEED on hand for girls-night:

· First things first, you need a bar cart! Counter-space is essential in a small college apartment. So, adding a small bar cart that you can move wherever you need it is extremely helpful.

· Start off small with the drink options; I promise the collection will accumulate and you’ll eventually have more than enough options to make an any drink you can think of. Start with a bottle of your favorite wine, grab two bottles of liquor (I like to grab one bottle I know I like and one I’ve never tried before so I allow myself to try new drinks while sticking to a budget), and a case of your favorite seltzer or beer and you should be off to a good start. Then as you run out of things throughout the semester you can pick up more cocktail essentials and be able to build more drinks.

· Don’t forget the mixers though. College is a busy time for everyone, we don’t have the time to deal with hangovers and homework. One good way to avoid hangovers is to avoid sugar so always try to find a juice, tea, etc. with as few grams of sugar as possible. Bonus points if it has electrolytes to keep you hydrated throughout the night. REZ Beverage makes a recovery drink with zero sugar and more electrolytes than a Gatorade and a Powerade combined.

· Next essential is a simple set of glasses and a shaker set. This way when you want to have guests over you have glasses for them to use, plus you can impress them with your cocktail making skills.

· Another helpful tool is a cocktail book so you can look up new recipes and make drink requests at the drop of a hat. There are a lot of bartending books out there or you could make one with your friends and all add different drinks to a book. You can all find fun sugar free mixed drinks to add and then you have a full recipe book and a fun memory with your friends.

· One last tip, grab a camera and your favorite party game and get your girls night started off right.

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