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How to Avoid Overeating Entirely

We all tried dieting before. Whether it was to lose weight, gain weight, live a healthier lifestyle, or try going vegan. A lot of the time it does not work. We have all been there before.

When typing “What happens when” in google one of the suggestions was “What happens when you eat too much Takis.” We may find ourselves at the bottom of a freshly opened bag of Takis while engaged in a good movie.

We often compulsively overeat until we are uncomfortable, and although thanksgiving may be an exception, it is not good to make a habit of stuffing our faces. Overeating in America is a huge issue. We all love food and a lot of us can't resist going up for seconds when something tastes so good.

We don't always know that we ate too much until we need to unbutton the pants and slouch in our chair or take a nap because we ate too much. Let's not get to that point.

We will address how to stop binge eating and change our eating habits with these tips. Let’s get to it.

ALWAYS: Drink more Water

I'm sure we all don't drink enough water. Water, when hungry, can make us feel better or a little satisfied almost instantly. It can fill our stomachs so we don't eat until we are uncomfortable.

Drink more water because water has no calories. Drink water before and after each meal, too. It will make you start feeling full and help you to eat fewer calories.

Water has so many benefits to our health that we don't take advantage of. Drink more water.

There are so many more tips provided by healthline to help you cut calories. Click here to read more tips.

Avoid having lots of snacks in the house

Oftentimes we eat when we are bored or because it gives us joy and is convenient. Do you find yourself searching through the cabinets searching for snacks when you're bored? I do.

Having snacks out of sight out of mind will keep you from eating a whole bag of Doritos, or candy. Eat your 3 meals a day and avoid snacking on junk food in the house.

Trick your mind

Using smaller plates is a mind trick. When the plate is smaller you can fill it up with food and your mind will be more satisfied when you finish. With a larger plate, we still tend to fill the plate, continue to eat everything on it, and finish it whether we already satisfied our hunger or not.

With a larger plate, we have larger portion sizes. Portion control takes discipline and knowing when to stop eating is hard without portions. Give yourself a smaller plate and save yourself from arguing with yourself about portion size.

Buffets, BBQ’s, and Bday parties

Large holiday gatherings usually involve appetizers, snacks, and a lot of food for dinner. Celebrations like a graduation or a retirement party are often catered with large amounts of food. We can't control ourselves at dinners with our extended family because your Italian aunt likes to cook and gets offended if you don't eat her food.

I will usually only eat 1 cheeseburger each meal but at a summer BBQ, I am for sure having 3. We get carried away and we need to have a little more self-control. Try and make a plate with a little bit of everything you would like and then try to avoid coming up for seconds.

Don't even get started with college dining halls, and Buffett restaurants. It is so easy to get carried away. It's hard to stay disciplined and we often find ourselves eating too much at these events.

NOTICE: Be aware of eating disorders. Eating disorders include overeating. If you think this may be a concern for you, inform your doctor. There is a difference between binge eating vs overeating.

Emotional eating

Continuous emotional eating can lead to health-related issues. We may get emotional from relationship conflicts, work stresses, fatigue, financial pressures, health issues, or just an overall bad day that may lead to emotional eating.

Food only makes you feel better for a short time. Get a healthy snack instead. If you swap out those chips for some celery, you won't be tempted to eat that much.

Temptation is the biggest issue so take temptation from the source. Avoid buying unhealthy snacks that are high in sugar and DO NOT go to the grocery store hungry. Avoid the snack aisle, avoid the ice cream aisle and stay away from the pre-made food section.

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