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GOAT YOGA: what you need to know

Photo by Ariane Colenbrander

I’m sure we have all heard the term “goat yoga” by now. It has been featured on the news, and TV shows, it has been mentioned on the radio, and in newspaper and magazine articles. Goat yoga has been all over social media too. But what is goat yoga?

It is certainly not your typical yoga class. I am sure we all have been surprised when someone explains it to us as exactly what it sounds like. It is like any other yoga class except in this case a young goats climb on you, under you, walks around you, and munches on the things around you while you are doing your yoga poses.

This sounds so sweet and exciting to participate in a new experience. You can enjoy watching these adorable baby goats happily trot around and interact with humans and each other but there are always going to be flaws, too.

These baby goats do not do yoga too. They poop and pee everywhere. They make noises and eat everything around you including your clothes and hair. It is not easy to focus on your breathing and your body while participating in Goat Yoga.

The experience may be unpredictable but what you can expect is a huge smile on your face when leaving the class.

How can that be relaxing? How is that even comfortable? Are they too heavy to be climbing on you? Who even decided to invite goats to yoga class? We all have so many questions.

Shortly after thinking how exactly goat yoga would play out and after a quick google search you realize that it is not made up. It is a very real thing and a completely different experience from your typical yoga class.

Read about Marc Silvers first yoga with goats experience in Maryland or Laura Heggs experience in Oregon. Laura mentions how that sometimes-awkward waiting period you have before a yoga class begins is now filled with watching and interacting with the goats.

Laura explains it as an experience and not something you do every day. A normal addition to this experience is breaks to take photos which may disrupt the momentum or vibe of a typical yoga class. There is a lack of focus.

It really is not your average yoga but an interesting and different type of experience. Would you consider doing Goat Yoga? There are a lot of people who offer the Goat Yoga experience but find some goat yoga near you here are a couple locations.

Watch CBS 13 news report on the 2017 Goat Yoga trend here.

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