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Cutting Calories for hot girl summer

Updated: Dec 13, 2021

Hot girl summer comes with banging bodies and feeling our most confident selves. This usually means dieting the months approaching summer so we can wear that bikini confidently.

Although cutting calories is efficient, we do not always make it a healthy eating choice. If you are confident the way you are, you do it. If you are looking to lose a couple of pounds, and don't want to burn calories in the gym, then focus on your eating and try these tips to cut calories.

1. Count your calories

A lot of the successful low-calorie diet plans like weight watchers (WW) are built on keeping track of what you eat. The average number of calories you should eat each day is 2000. The needed calories a day will vary for everyone depending on height, age, level of daily activity, and more.

Reducing calories can lead to weight loss however it is still important to make sure your body is getting the energy it needs. Click here to learn more about how to count calories to lose weight. Pay attention to serving sizes on the food packaging! That is usually a good indication of how much you should be eating.

2. No more alcoholic drinks The biggest mistake is going out one night and drinking your daily calorie requirement in drinks alone. Each typical beer is about 154 calories and each mixed drink has around 200 calories. It adds up. Each can of soda has about 150 calories plus a lot of sugar and other unhealthy ingredients.

Instead of an alcoholic drink or a soda, try drinking a tall glass of ice-cold water. You can make your water a little more interesting by adding lemon, lime, or other fruit for flavor.

You can also try a REZ, a plant-based drink with only 10 calories, 1 carb, and 0 sugars. Rez also has vitamins and minerals that are important to our diets.

We know you need that cup of coffee or tea in the morning and water doesn't help you wake up the way coffee does. That is okay. Drink your coffee, but leave the sugar out.

3. Cook your own food at home Takeout is one of the biggest temptations for Americans when it comes to dieting. It is so easy for us to order uber eats, GrubHub, Doordash, or Postmates. There are often fast food locations conveniently on the drive home from anywhere.

We even see commercials that influence our diets with the big juicy burgers, and new fast food menu items that can be tempting.

Try your hardest to resist ordering takeout or fast food. These meals are high in calories and we can do a lot better at home.

There are now a lot of great at-home meal kits that deliver right to our doors with pre-measured ingredients including hello fresh, blue apron, home chef, and more.

Weight Watchers (WW) also has pre-made, low-calorie meals that are microwaveable and available in supermarkets, as well as lots of recipes for you to make at home.

There are a lot of other great websites to find healthy and indulgent, low-calorie dinner recipes including,, and

4. Avoid having junk food in the house Do you find yourself searching through the cabinets searching for snacks when you're bored? I do. That is the worst thing you could do. Eating when you're not hungry is not going to help you get that beach body.

Eat your 3 meals a day and avoid snacking on junk food in the house. Stop buying the hunk food and stop the urge to eat it!

5. Trick your mind Using smaller plates is a mind trick. When the plate is smaller you can fill it up with food and your mind will be more satisfied when you finish it rather than having a large plate, larger portion sizes, and eating it all until you are full.

Portion control takes discipline and knowing when to stop eating is hard without portions. Give yourself a smaller plate and save yourself from arguing with yourself about portion size.

6. Make your meals bigger with veggies Portion control doesn't mean you can't eat a lot. Switch out a medium french fry with a lot of veggies. Vegetables are a great way to add more substance to your meals. Plus, I'm sure we all don't eat enough vegetables anyway.

7. ALWAYS: Drink more Water I'm sure we all don't drink enough water. Water can make us feel better or a little satisfied almost instantly. Drink more water because water has no calories. Drink water before and after each meal, too. It will make you feel a little more full and help you to eat fewer calories.

Water has so many benefits to our health that we don't take advantage of. Drink more water.

There are so many more tips provided by healthline to help you cut calories. Click here to read more tips.

Good luck on your calorie-cutting, weight management, and hot girl supper journey.

ATTENTION: Cutting calories is not always safe and not always recommended.

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