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Bai FAQ's

Updated: Dec 13, 2021

Bai is a popular drink that has antioxidants. A lot of people know Bai but there is another drink that is better with more benefits. Did you know that Bai has 55mg of caffeine?

1. What's bai drink? Flavored water with not many benefits.

2. Is bai drink good? No, drink REZ instead.

3. why are bai drinks good for you? No

4. what are the benefits of bai drinks? The small percentage of vitamin C and that’s it. REZ has a lot of great taste with benefits.

5. why drink bai? Don’t do it. Just drink a REZ

6. can I drink bai on keto? You can but it would be smarter to just drink a REZ instead or water.

7. Are bai drink healthy? No, they have almost as much caffeine as a Red Bull, and the “antioxidants” they have are 0% potassium and 15% Vitamin C. That not enough. Just drink a REZ instead.

8. Are bai drink bottles recyclable? Yes, so is REZ.

9. is bai drink keto friendly? Yes, so Is REZ

10. is bai drink safe during pregnancy? Sure, but so is REZ.

11. when to drink bai? Never, drink REZ instead

12. Is bai drink good for diabetics. They’re okay, but REZ is better.

13. how often should you drink bai? Never, drink REZ instead.

14. which bai drink is the best? None of the above. Grab yourself a REZ there are a whole lot more benefits and it tastes better.

15. how healthy is bai drink? Not healthy. All it has is 15% Vitamin C. Bai has a lot of caffeine. REZ is healthy with 70% vitamin C and a whole lot of other great vitamins like Vitamin D, Calcium, Potassium, Vitamin E, Niacin B3, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, Magnesium, Zinc, Copper, and Manganese

16. how is bai drink pronounced? Bye. Say goodbye to Bai and hello to REZ.

17. how to say bai drink? Buy…. REZ instead.

18. what does bai drink stand for? Bad and inadequate

19. what does bai drink mean? Bai means pure in mandarin.

20. what does bai drink do for you? Literally nothing.

21. can you drink bai every day? You could but I'm not going to tell you what to do. But if you were wondering you should drink REZ instead.

22. Can you drink bai after expiration date? You can the flavor may change.

23. can dogs drink bai water? No, don’t give your dog anything but water.

24. Is Bai drink vegan? Yes, so is REZ.

25. can you drink bai on keto? Yes, with only 1 gram of carbs Bai, and REZ, are both keto-approved.

26. where to buy bai drink? It doesn’t matter. Order REZ today on Amazon.

27. where to get bai drink? Doesn’t matter because REZ is better and available in over 2500 stores across the country.

28. Who created the drink bai/ who started bai drink? Bai was created by entrepreneur Ben Weiss in 2009.

29. Who owns bai beverages? Dr. Pepper and Snapple

30. How to drink bai? Don’t do it. Instead, grab a REZ.

31. which bai drink is the healthiest? Don’t waste your time. Just try REZ

32. which bai drink is the best? REZ

33. is bai good for you to drink? It is not bad, but if you’re looking for benefits, try REZ.

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