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A Great Sweat From home program partners with REZ

Updated: Dec 13, 2021

Don’t want to join a gym? Still uncomfortable about the amount of people packed in the gym with ought masks? You don’t have the time in the day to drive to the gym? Do you need a community of people who care about your fitness goals to keep you on track and accountable to either lose weight or reach your fitness goals? We have the solution for you.

REZ Is now the official Hydration partner of Sweat from Home. SweatFH offers a Fun and intense online workout experience with amazing fitness professionals who keep you on track and a diverse community that has your back. There are tons of different types of workout options with class times throughout the day and over 60 classes available each week.

One SweatFH participant, Sarah Freeman, says “Best workout classes and great coaches! So many different options for class type and each class is hard but doable in the best way! The zoom option gives you the flexibility to do the workout from anywhere. The coaches are great and care about your success. Couldn’t recommend these classes more!”

Another SweatFH member Cassie Wat says, “I took my first Bootcamp class with Matt tonight and absolutely LOVED it. His playlists are amazing and get you so pumped for class! I've been working out from home for 10 months and this is the first time I felt like I was at an in-person class. Matt has AMAZING energy, provided modifications for every move, and kept us motivated throughout class. I NEED to get a spin bike so I could take a ride class with him!”

After these fun and challenging workouts, you need to restore your body with the proper hydration, and we encourage everyone to try REZ for its great taste and benefits after their workout. Take the REZ challenge to see for yourself how great REZ is for you.

You can find more information about SweatFH, get a FREE consultation or book your First online workout class when you go to

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