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7 Healthy Alcoholic Drinks with REZ BEV

Updated: Dec 13, 2021

All over the country people of age face the difficulty of drinking and ending up with a hangover. Everybody wants to love and enjoy their night but don’t want all the negative side effects that come with it from consuming mass amounts of sugar, which is the main reason for why hangovers are so harsh to people. From college students all the way up to grown working adults, everybody has the same problems and it all can be decreased significantly with Rez Bev. There are so many healthy drinks that you can make as an alternative.

By switching out the regular with our alternative that has zero sugar and diabetic friendly will be better for you and leave you more satisfied the next day.

7 Healthy Drinks You Can Make At Home!

1. Rez Vodka – Start with adding ice to the high glass, then pour 2oz of vodka into the high ball glass, then top off with the watermelon peach REZ BEV and following that top it off with the Fruit Punch.

2. Rez Margarita – Start off by adding ice into the margarita glass and ice in the pint glass, pour 2 oz of tequila into pint glass, top off with Rez orange mango, squeeze and lime and lemon then shake, place a lime on the rim of the glass and enjoy.

3. Rez Rum – Start with filling rocks into glass, then pour 2 oz of rum into glass, top off with Rez orange mango, then serve.

4. Rez Mojito – Squeeze and drop 2 lemon edges into the pint glass, drop a few mint leaves into the pint glass, crush mint and limes in the pint glass, pour 2 oz of white rum in glass, 2 oz of rez orange mango, then top off with ice and a good shake then pour and add crushed ice and top off with seltzer and serve.

5. Rez Sangreza – Add ice to wine glass, ¼ of brandy and ¼ of tiple sec and ¼ of white rum and finally ¼ of peach schnapps into wine glass and then top off with orange mango rez, finally add garnish and serve.

6. Rez Martini – Start by chilling the glass with ice, pour 2 oz of vodka into shaker, pour 2 oz rez fruit punch into shaker, give it a good shake, dump the ice out of glass and pour and serve.

7. TRezTini- Chill martini glass with ice, add 2 scoops of ice to the shaker, pour 2 oz of titos vodka, pour 2 oz of rez fruit punch, give it a good shake, dump the ice and pour into martini glass and serve.

Rez Bev has the opportunity to show to its customers that they are the best alternative to decreasing your hangover and by choosing Rez Bev you will be getting all the benefits from no sugars and only 10 calories and hoping to in fact accomplish our promise to our customers making the hangover the following day be decreased significantly compared to consumers normal amounts of sugar while drinking.

For more details and a step by step on how to make each drink check out our website and the video demonstrations by clicking here.Order REZ on Amazon here.

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