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6 BigY drinks to try this Week

If you are a BigY shopper here are 6 drinks you should try.

1. REZ is a super healthy drink with 0-sugar, 10-calories, 1-carb, 100mg of Turmeric and Glucosamine swell as more electrolytes, antioxidants, and vitamins than any other drink. REZ comes in 3 flavors including Fruit Punch, Orange Mango, and Watermelon Peach. REZ also has all the ingredients that will boost your immune system. The amount of benefits packed in to 1 bottle of REZ is a steal for only $2.69 at BigY stores.

2. BigY seltzer is a cheap, great and easy water alternative with 7 flavors including raspberry lime, lemon lime, black cherry, wild berry, cranberry lime, mandarin orange, and plain seltzer. These 33.8 oz bottles are only $0.79 and also come in 12 pack cans for $3.89 at BigY stores.

3. Celsius is fruit flavored sparkling water energy drinks with flavors including fuji apple pear watermelon, wild berry, kiwi guava, peach vibe, and orange. With a good amount of vitamins and a price point at $2.39 at BigY stores celsius makes a pretty good option for an energy drink.

4. ICE sparkling water brand is another drink that doesn’t get boring because there are a lot of great natural flavors for sparking water including Strawberry watermelon, coconut pineapple, black cherry, cherry limeade, orange mango, fruit punch, peach nectarine, classic lemonade, coconut pineapple, grape raspberry, kiwi strawberry, lemon lime, and pink grapefruit. Flavored ICE sparkling waters are only $1.09, at BigY stores, you can try all the flavors.

5. If you like ICE and want some energy there is also an ICE+Caffeine Sparkling drink in several flavors including orange passion fruit, black raspberry, triple citrus, and strawberry citrus. The ICE+Caffeine sparkling water is $1.59 at BigY stores.

6. Aspire, like ICE+caffeine, is a sparkling water energy drink. Aspire is healthy and has natural caffeine. Flavors are mango lemonade, dark cherry lime, raspberry acai, and cranberry. Aspire could be one the healthiest flavored sparkling water brands. Aspire is $2.19 at BigY stores.

These are all healthy drinks with 0-sugar, low calories, and low carbs. Each have a great variety of flavors to try.

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