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4 Sugar-Free Simple Syrup Replacements

Updated: Dec 13, 2021

Sugar has become the enemy in a lot of people's diets. A majority of the population is now pre-diabetic/diabetic and has concerns about weight gain, blood sugar problems and an increased risk of heart disease, and more.

While making cocktails it is hard to find great-tasting drinks that are made without sugar. It is also believed that sugary drinks cause hangovers the next morning. As these drinks are made with a lot of sugars many are in search of sweetness alternatives and we have a list for you. Try these alternative simple syrups in your drink recipes.

Honey Syrup

Honey is an all-natural sugar and maybe the first choice for many when looking to switch out the dreaded white sugar for a much healthier option. honey is best used as a syrup In cold cocktails. Honey does not dissolve well alone so you may need to mix equal parts honey and hot water. It is just as sweet as white sugar and has good flavor. Honey flavor can vary depending on the region where the honey is collected from bees. Honey can range from deep and malty to light and citrusy. It mixes well with scotch, whiskey and light rums, and brandies.

Maple Syrup

As the flavors of maple syrup mix well with the rich, warm flavors customers are looking for during the fall and the winter. Maple Syrup mixes well in drinks so there is no need to dilute it. The darker, thicker maple syrups may require mixing with water; 2:1, syrup to water ratio. The sweetness has about 60% of the sweetness of white sugar. when it comes to flavor, different syrups give different flavors. Lighter grades have more vanilla, and the darker it gets the more maple flavor it has. Maple syrup works well with Bourbon and Tennessee whiskies swell as dark rums.

Agave Nectar

Agave nectar has been trending as of a few years ago as Tequila became more popular. It is known for its healthier properties as well as being a suppressant as opposed to a depressant, like all other alcohols. This makes agave a great alternative. Most agave nectar is fluid enough that you don’t need to adjust its composition as a mixer. Agave nectar has about 1.5x the sweetness of white sugar and the flavor is neutral. It works well with tequila-based drinks, some gins, and vodkas.


REZ is an all-natural, plant-based, immune-supporting drink filled with healthy vitamins, minerals, and supplements like glucosamine and turmeric which have great health benefits. REZ is a sugar-free sport drink alternative with natural sweetness from stevia and plenty more electrolytes than any drink on the market. REZ is a liquid that mixes well with everything. The sweetness is very similar to what you would get from a drink made with sugar, and the taste is great. REZ comes in 3 flavors (Orange Mango, Watermelon Peach, and Fruit Punch) that can be easily paired with vodka, tequila, rum, whiskey, or your favorite drink.

Simple syrup just provides the needed sweetness that your favorite mixed drinks have and the best part is that it can be replaced with any of these sugar-free alternatives. There is a different sweetener for many different types of spirits so there is always a replacement. Ask your bartender about any of these options.

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