REZ: The Best Diabetic Friendly Beverage

REZ was created to be a natural diabetic friendly beverage, that offers our community a healthy alternative to electrolytes, immune support, overall well-being, and restorative ingredients that can be consumed as an everyday beverage. It contains 0 sugar and 1 carb for the entire bottle, and offers a bold flavor profile that is satisfying to the last drop. The goal with REZ is always to have great flavor while maintaining great functionality – "gulpability" is key – which results in Great Taste With Benefits™.

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Great Taste with Benefits

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Quick story on how REZ was created…

We started out as vending machine operator. In 2015, we had machines in schools as the Obama Healthy Food rules started. At that time, most beverage manufacturers didn’t make beverages that we could sell in schools. I spoke with my partner about creating a beverage, he gave me his blessing under one condition: his daughter is type 1 diabetic and the beverage had to be something she can enjoy; REZ was born. To keep it short, we sold the vending operation a couple of years later and focused all of our efforts on REZ.


Great Taste With Benefits


September 21, 2020

"Hello, I received the samples. I was skeptical, at first, because the nutrition label was so impressive. Honestly, I was blown away. These beverages are delicious. I was not expecting them to taste that good. This is not one-sided. I have sampled these drinks to the office and have not heard one negative complaint. Even my daughter absolutely loves them, and that speaks volumes in itself. Awesome product."

Kathlin G. RDN, CDCES

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

Certified Diabetes Care and Education Specialist


“I saw this product advertised in a Diabetes magazine so I tried it. I liked the taste and the nutritional elements. I use it after my daily exercises and it seems to make the recovery easier since I am a senior and diabetic.” – Linda C. NJ


“Delicious! I'm diabetic and thrilled to finally find a drink that's good and good for you!” – May P.  NC

“My husband and I were on a Road Trip. It's always so hard to find Carb friendly drinks! I hate the aftertaste with Bai, so hesitantly bought a Watermelon Peach Rez. WOW! It's great! I was so happy I couldn't stop talking about it the rest of the trip! Whenever we stopped I would look for it again, but only found it the one place in Indiana! Get on Pilot and Loves to carry this! It's awesome!” – Jennie H. OH

“Wow! Today I tried the REZ watermelon peach beverage. As I looked at all of the drinks to choose from, the one that stood out for me was REZ. Reading the ingredients was what sold me and the reason to buy it. The grand finale was the taste, delicious and healthy, which is why I've taken the time to share my experience. I express my gratitude for setting the bar of excellence to a higher level. Great beverage!” – Dayzy P. VA

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