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Daily Immune Support

Each stick provides a significant amount of vitamins C, D, and Zinc – three of the top inclusions of any immune support stack. On top that, it has other vitamins and minerals, such as B vitamins, vitamin E, magnesium, and copper, that contribute to the maintenance and proper function of the immune system, as well has the anti-inflammatory properties of potent curcuminoid found in turmeric.

According to all major medical facilities - Liquid vitamins show an absorption rate of up to 98% while pills range from only 3 – 20% absorption. Vitamins taken in liquid form are also absorbed by the body at a faster rate compared to vitamins in a pill form.


The Impact of Diabetes and How Does REZ Help

One of the most common early signs of diabetes is a need to urinate more often during the day. But it can also happen at night. When there's too much sugar in your blood, which happens if you have diabetes, your kidneys must work harder to get rid of it. This forces them to make more urine.

How does this affect your Immune System? – Excessive urination will deplete vitamins & minerals which in turn changes the balance of nutrients in your system. REZ not only replaces vitamins & minerals, but our electrolyte formula will also hydrate you. The antioxidants fight free radicals, turmeric fights body wide inflammation, and our patented plant-based glucosamine helps lubricate your joints. Liquid absorptions rates of over 90% ensures you will be receiving maximum benefits whenever you drink REZ.



Be more flexible with your nutrition without compromising flavor. Often times the things we need to consume for our best interest don't always taste the best. Now you can fill that gap with one of the best tasting peach iced teas on the market. The small footprint will enable you to take more wherever you go, all you need is water, which can be obtained almost anywhere on the go.


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